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How online marketing is growing businesses in Kenya

Once you embrace the power of online marketing, there is no looking back. You can only be destined for growth and success businesswise.

According to Aquiline Karobia, a Digital Marketing Expert at Akus Digital Solution, most business in Kenya are embracing the power of digital marketing. Internet marketing has since gone viral thanks to the growing number of Digital Marketing Agencies in Kenya which are offering professional digital marketing services like SEO, Social Media Marketing, Paid Search Advertising, Digital Branding, and web design among others.

Here are a number of ways online marketing is benefiting Kenyan businesses.

  • ●    Content Marketing.

Content marketing is the process of distributing online material which takes different forms such as videos, articles, blogs with the aim of making it available to the targeted online audience. Content marketing is currently doing great for businesses promoting their brand online, because it is not only attracting online visitors but it is turning a majority of them into customers. Quality content (uses hashtags, image captions, etc.) speaks volumes, especially when it is created by professionals. Companies offering SEO Services in Kenya are helping businesses optimize content to reach more customers online.

  • ●    Social Media Advertising

With growing number of social media users in Kenya, brands are counting profits parading their products and services on social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter, all of which have registered huge numbers of users. There is no doubt that this kind of marketing is very rewarding because it has provided the perfect avenue to find potential buyers for products and services. Social media marketing Kenya has already proved that it pays to advertise a brand on various social media sites, as compared to doing it the traditional way. Today, there are many approaches to advertising business on social media for example through Facebook ads. With social media marketing cost in Kenya being relatively affordable, businesses are using social platform as quick channel to reach to clients and respond to their request.

  • ●    SEO

Search Engine Optimization has never failed to yield fruits especially when left in the hands of SEO Nairobi expertsBusinesses are having their sites optimized by SEO experts for better ranking in search engines. High ranking websites on Google and other search engines are getting impressive conversion rates which easily generates sales. You can get affordable SEO Charges in Kenya from various SEO agency.

  • ●    PPC

Online marketing Kenya cannot be summed up without mentioning Paid Per Click Marketing. Businesses that are investing in PPC campaigns are finding it very rewarding in terms of increasing brand visibility. The ads are made to appear in various search results so that targeted users can click on them to find out more information. As much as it may be a time-consuming process, the results are worth it.

  • ●    Web Design & Web Development

The advancement of technology and easily accessible information has made it easy for brands to design and create websites. A website is a one-stop information place for potential customers looking for detailed information about your products or services. Businesses in Kenya with websites that are user-friendly and easy to navigate are ranking higher on search engine thus attracting more customers without spending money on advertising.



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